Friday, February 28, 2014

DBRP_Mar01_2014 Lev15-16 Ps18 Luke12a

Today we learn about regulations concerning uncleanness caused by bodily discharges of all kinds. Then we hear the procedures for the high priest to perform yearly on the day of atonement.

Psalm 18 reveals Davids intimacy with God. Even though he frequently refers to himself, we see that God— and not himself, is the center of his spiritual life.

Today in Luke 12 Jesus warns about hypocrisy, and one of our biggest fears—

fearing what other people will think of us. 

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

DBRP_Feb28_2014 Lev14 Ps17 Luke11b

Today we hear about sacrifices following the healing of skin diseases and after getting rid of house mildew. 

Olsen quotes Spurgeon commenting on Psalm 17: “David would never have been [called] a man after God's own heart if he had not been a man of prayer. He was a master in the sacred art of supplication.”

Jesus definitely gained enemies by his teaching at the end of chapter 11, which was against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and religious experts.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DBRP_Feb27_2014 Lev13 Ps16 Luke11a

Todays chapter of Leviticus is about the signs of serious skin diseases that cause ceremonial uncleanness, and mildew in houses.

E.C. Olsen says that the Old Testament is like a sun dail. “It is not difficult to read the hour marks on a sun-dial. Anybody can read them and at any time, but one can only tell time when the sun shines upon the sun-dial. Thus, while the Bible is the Word of God and can be read by all at any time, only the man who has received the Lord Jesus Christ is able to tell divine time by the Bible. It is only as the “Son” sines upon the pages of Scripture, particularly the Old Testament, that we are able to understand, to see and to appreciate that Christ is to be found on every page of Scripture.” With the Son shining on it, we see that this is a Messianic psalm.

Today in the first half of Luke 11, Jesus teaches about prayer, and persistence in prayer, and teaches refuting those who slander him saying that he worked by the power of Satan. Jesus also teaches that demons can leave on their own, but spiritual vacuum will result in more demons than before.


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DBRP_Feb26_2014 Lev11-12 Ps15 Luke10b

We will learn the animals considered clean and edible, and those that are considered unclean and detestable. Then we will hear about the sacrifices for purification after a woman gives birth.

A psalm showing the kind of people who will be welcomed into God's presence.

Today Jesus agrees with a law expert in the most important commandments, but teaches the man the meaning of who is one's neighbor. And Jesus visits Martha and Mary.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

DBRP_Feb25_2014 Lev9-10 Ps14 Luke10a

Today in Leviticus, Aaron and his sons start their work, and the glory of the Lord is revealed. But right after that Nadab and Abihu die because they offer an nauthorized kind of fire to the Lord.

Psalm 14 is a messianic psalm. It shows us what God sees when He looks at this world.

In the first half of the chapter, Jesus sends the 72 disciples out ahead of Him with interesting instructions. A worker will be given his pay as he trusts in the Lord to provide it. And there are strong words for the villages which received most of Jesus' miracles.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

DBRP_Feb24_2014 Lev7-8 Ps13 Luke9b

Today in Leviticus, we hear more regulations for the priests (mainly), and then the story of the ordination ceremony that Moses performed for Aaron and his sons.

In Psalm 13 David starts by crying out “How long?” and ends with a note of praise. We can be thankful for his difficult experiences which give us in these Psalms.

Today in Luke, Jesus comes down from the mountain to find a crowd, and he heals a demon possessed boy. Jesus then predicts his death, and talks about the cost of being his disciples.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

DBRP_Feb23_2014 Lev5-6 Ps12 Luke9a

Today we hear about sin and guilt offerings and about the ordination offering for priests.

In Psalm 12, we hear of trusting in God's promises even in the midst of hard times.

Today we hear of Jesus sending out his disciples, and afterward the feeding of the 5,000. Peter rightly declares what position Jesus was filling. Jesus predicts his death. We hear Him say that some standing there would not die before seeing the Kingdom of God, and perhaps he meant his three disciples who saw the transfiguration, because His kingship was clearly foreshadowed there.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

DBRP_Feb22_2014 Lev3-4 Ps11 Luke8b

Today we hear about sacrifices given for peace offerings and for unintentional sins.

Today's Psalm is a song of trust in the Lord.

To the woman healed of bleeding, Jesus said, “You are now healed because you believefully in Me.” And to Jairus, He said, “ Don’t be afraid. Just keep believing fully in Me.”


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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DBRP_Feb21_2014 Lev1-2 Ps10 Luke8a

Today I give a brief introduction to Leviticus, and we learn about burnt offerings and grain offerings.

E.C. Olsen says that Psalm 10 has “a triple theme: the silence of God, the despair of the humble, and the pride of the wicked.” This Psalm doesn't give us all the answers, but we know God understands how we feel about these things.

Today we hear the parable of the sower/ or different kinds of soil. Jesus taught about the importance of hearing and doing what is in God's Word, and that is echoed again when his mother and brothers come to see him. And  Jesus calms a storm.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DBRP_Feb20_2014 Ex40 Ps9 Luke7b

We reach the end of Exodus! The book ends as worship begins in the completed and dedicated tabernacle.

Psalm 9 is a song celebrating God sitting on his throne and judging justly.

In chapter 7, Jesus is anointed by a sinful woman, and Jesus answers the silent criticism of Simon, the pharisee.

Our daughter Rachel reads Psalm 9 today and talks briefly about her upcoming work in East Africa. Her e-mail address is on the Announcements page.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DBRP_Feb19_2014 Ex38-39 Ps8 Luke7a

Today we hear of Bezalel making the outside articles for worship, like the altar for burnt offerings. There is a listing of materials used, and then we hear of the making of the priests' clothes— all according to how Moses was instructed by God. And

Moses inspects everything and blesses the people. The stage is set for the start of worship according to God's instructions.

Psalm 8 is quoted in Hebrews 1 and frequently misunderstood. “Son of man” does not refer to Jesus in  this Psalm, and the NLT is correct in not using that term

here. (Try clicking the green verse numbers in the attached PDF if you would like to see commentary support for my statements.) This is a psalm of praise for the awesomeness of God, expressing amazement at the place of mankind in God's creation.


Today we hear of Jesus healing a favorite slave of a Roman officer and the raising of a widow's son from death. We break into the story where Jesus is speaking about John the Baptist.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

DBRP_Feb18_2014 Ex36-37 Ps7 Luke6b

Today we hear of the building of the tabernacle, the Covenant Box, and the other furniture of the Holy Place and Most Holy Place. Everything was done precisely as God had described before.

Psalm 7 is the song of the slandered saint. Our daughter, Rachel, reads this today!

Jesus teaches about loving others and not judging them. And we read his teachings that uses the illustrations of trees and their fruit and building houses upon a rock foundation.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

DBRP_Feb17_2014 Ex34-35 Ps6 Luke6a

Today Moses returns to the top of the mountain, taking two stone tablets which he had made, and God repeats many of the terms of the covenant and engraves the 10 commandments over again on the stone tablets. Then the people respond to God by willingly bringing all that was required to make the Tabernacle.

Psalm 6 is a prayer for forgiveness. God has revealed more to us than was revealed to David. We now know that people can praise God after death.

In Luke, we se the beginning of opposition to Jesus based on the way He kept the Sabbath law— not following added traditions. He chooses his 12 disciples, appointing them apostles. (representatives) And he gives the Beatitudes, which in Luke include corresponding Woes.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

DBRP_Feb16_2014 Ex32-33 Ps5 Luke5

Today we hear how God's meeting with Moses was interrupted because of the people making the golden calf. Aaron caved in to the people's desires. Moses intercedes for the people, and God agrees not to destroy them. God eventually agrees to go with the people to the promised land. As we close chapter 33, Moses asks to actually see God. 

Psalm 5 is a song for early morning. Watch out for God's emotions.

Jesus calls several of his  disciples, and we hear of the miracle of the large catch of fish. Jesus heals two men, and answers a question about fasting.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

DBRP_Feb15_2014 Ex30-31 Ps4 Luke4b

Today we hear about the plans for the incense altar, and about the making of incense and anointing oil. We hear also of God's choosing and giving ability to Bezalel and Oholiab for making everything required in the worship of God. And God emphasizes the importance of keeping the Sabbath as a covenant responsibility.

Psalm 4 is an evening hymn expressing trust in God.

Today we hear of Jesus being rejected in his home town, of healings, and casting out demons. He refuses to have his identity proclaimed by demons, and silenced them. And He refuses to stay in one town, but goes around preaching in the whole area.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

DBRP_Feb14_2014 Ex29 Ps3 Luke4a

Today we head the instructions for consecrating the priests for their special work. 

Psalm 3 is David's meditation regarding the time when he fled from his son Absolom.

In the first half of Luke 4 we read about Jesus being tested by the devil, and we read the story of how Jesus was rejected in his home town.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today we read about the design of the altar for burnt offerings and the plans for the courtyard. The dimensions we heard yesterday were for the sacred tent that was enclosed by the courtyard that we hear about today. And we hear of the fabulous garments for the priests, Aaron and his sons.

Psalm 2 is a prophetic Psalm.

In Luke 3 we hear of John the Baptist's ministry and imprisonment, and the genealogy of Jesus.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DBRP_Feb12_2014 Ex25-26 Ps1 Luke2b

Today we hear the beginning plans given by God for the Tabernacle (or sacred tent) and the Arc of the Covenant that were to become the focal point for worship of God under the Covenant. The whole Tabernacle, and particularly the atonement cover on top of the Arc of the Covenant (called the Mercy Seat) symbolized that God was living among them. (Ex. 25:8) The whole Tabernacle was to be made exquisitely as appropriate for God's own dwelling.
Job is perhaps the earliest book of the Old Testament, but we didn't find a primitive book, did we?! We find a book of sophisticated poetry, one that uses literary devices and makes reference to mythology. And we find a book that defies simple analysis.
The book of Psalms was the nation of Israel's hymn book. The poems were compiled over time, with most of the first half by King David. The Psalms fall into these categories:
• Instruction
• Praise
• Thanksgiving
• Penitence
• Trust
• Distress
• Aspiration
• History
• Prophecy
Under prophecy, the Psalms talk of Jesus' prophetic office, and his priestly office, his kingly office, his sufferings, and his resurrection. (For details, see HC Mears.)
In Luke 2, we hear the story of Jesus' childhood.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

DBRP_Feb11_2014 Ex23-24 Job42 Luke2a

Today we hear a call for the Israelites to be good neighbors and to practice justice. And we hear the requirement for all Israelites to celebrate three festivals, and God gives promises of how He would bring them into the land. Then we hear the story of how Moses led the people in accepting the covenant. The Israelites promise to obey. Then Moses tells them to wait for him, and then disappears in the clouds at the summit of Mount Sinai.

Today in Job: After three chapters of God confronting Job, now Job responds.

In the first half of Luke 2, we hear of Jesus' birth, of the angels announcement to the shepherds, and of Jesus being presented in the temple.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

DBRP_Feb10_2014 Ex21-22 Job41 Luke1b

Today we hear God's laws regarding treatment of slaves, cases of personal injury, protection of private property, and social responsibility.

God continues confronting Job, this time he uses the illustration of Leviathan. Leviathan could be a sea crocodile. It could be a mythical creature, and it really sounds like a dragon.

Today  in Luke, Mary visits Elizabeth, and we hear Mary's song of praise, and later John's father Zecharia prophecies a prophetic prayer.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

DBRP_Feb09_2014 Ex19-20 Job40 Luke1a

Today we hear the story about the awesome and fearful way the Lord revealed himself at Mount Sinai to the Israelites. (See a reference to this in Hebrews 13.) And we hear God give the 10 Commandments.

Job gives a little answer today, but mainly God confronts him with questions intended to put him in his place.

Today we hear Luke's prologue stating his purpose, and the story of Zechariah's unbelief, and how Mary accepted the role God had given to her. She said: 38 “ I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”

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Friday, February 7, 2014

DBRP_Feb08_2014 Ex17-18 Job39 2Ptr3

Today we hear of God satisfying the thirst of the Israelites by commanding Moses to hit a rock. Israel defeats the Amalekites. And Jethro brings Moses' wife and sons to him and gives him good advice.

God continues for a second chapter, challenging and confronting Job.

Today Peter advises us to be ready for the Lord's return.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

DBRP_Feb07_2014 Ex15-16 Job38 2Ptr2

Today we hear the wonderful victory song of Moses. Then we will hear how the people of Israel grumbled against Moses, Aaron, and most importantly, the Lord. Even about something as simple as gathering manna, the people of Israel disobey repeatedly.

God gives his first chapter challenging Job.

Today Peter warns us about greedy, slick, and unscrupulous teachers, who will teach anything that you want to hear in order to get what they want from you.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DBRP_FEb06_2014 Ex13-14 Job37 2Ptr1

Because of the Passover plague which killed Egypt's firstborn, God claims the firstborn of Israel for all time to come. Then we hear of Pharaoh's final hardening of his heart, and the parting of the red sea.

Elihu speaks louder as a storm showing God's awesome majesty is blowing up. In the other chapters Elihu has said that God uses multiple means of communication with humans. He maintains that God is just, and says that in Job's despair, Job has gone too far in saying it doesn't make any difference if one tries to serve God. God is amazing in power, and he does notice and punish the wicked.

Peter teaches that we can make use of God's promises to give power for godly living, enabling us to share God's own nature, and thereby escaping the world's corruption. 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DBRP_Feb05_2014 Ex11-12 Job36 Jam5

Today we hear of the final plague, the death of the firstborn and the first Passover. And we heard the rules for the Passover celebrations. Note that Christ is fore-shadowed in the Passover lamb.

Today is the 5th chapter of Elihu's speech.

James finishes his letter with comforting the poor by showing that God will judge the rich, a teaching about patient endurance, and about the power of prayer.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

DBRP_Feb04_2014 Ex9-10 Job35 Jam4

We hear of the plague against the livestock, the plague of boils, and the plague of hail. We are not told how much time there was in between each plague. It seems there was enough time for many Egyptians to buy more livestock before they were again decimated by the hail. Then we hear about the plague of locusts followed by the plague of darkness.

Elihu gives his 4th chapter

James preaches against the way the world had infiltrated the church. He gives an important clue about why God doesn't answer our prayers. And he teaches that we need to purify our hearts from pride and having divided loyalty between God and the world. He gives a big clue on how to be rid of Satan's influence. Finally James teaches us how prideful it is to judge others, and warns about prideful planning.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

DBRP_Feb03_2014 Ex7-8 Job34 Jam3

Aaron's staff becomes a serpent, and the plague of blood, frogs, gnats, and flies.

Elihu's third chapter.

James preaches about controlling our tongues, then he teaches about the qualities of wisdom from God.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

DBRP_Feb02_2014 Ex5-6 Job33 Jam2

Moses and Aaron have their first meeting with Pharaoh, and Pharaoh retaliates against the Israelite people. God speaks with Moses again reaffirming his promises and
his covenant with the people of Israel.
Elihu continues for a second chapter.
James warns us that showing favoritism breaks the Law of Love that our King Jesus taught. And he teaches about dead religion, which is easy believeism with no supporting actions.

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